Our Team in Laval

Nathalie Brault President, CPA, CMA, CIRP, LIT

Nathalie Brault received his first degree in Business Administration, Specialization in Finance in 1987. Subsequently, in 1992, she earned a second bachelor's degree in accounting management. In 1995, she became a member of the Canadian and Quebec associations of professionals in insolvency and reorganization and gets her trustee license in 1997. She has served as president of the board of trustees of the province of Quebec.

After more than 20 years in major accounting firms, where she was responsible for restructuring mandates and financial insolvency, and this, for all types of industries, she decided to start her own business. And she put her rich and varied experience in the matter. Nathalie Brault Syndic, it's her.

Nathalie loves to speak with you. She wants to understand your concerns and help you choose the best solution. she is very humane, empathetic and shows respect you in your difficult times.

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Lucie Godbout – Consultant in insolvency and bankruptcy administrator

Lucie has a degree in bookkeeping, a certificate in office automation and office management and a certificate in insolvency and administration of personal bankruptcy. She was also the project manager for a budget counseling service with seniors in Laval.

Insolvency consultant for over 15 years, Lucie administers bankruptcy and proposal files, analyzes the financial situation in its entirety and then provides all the options available to you. This evaluation is done confidentially and with the greatest respect. Since June 2011, Lucie has been a consultant to the customers of the Laval and Montreal offices.

A very good listener, with a humane approach, empathetic and considerate, she inspires confidence. With her passion, dedication and expertise, she will certainly find the solution to your financial problems.

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Sylvie Drouin – Controller

After obtaining her Diploma in legal studies, Sylvie followed accounting courses at the college level. As for her insolvency training, she received it working with trustees and senior administrators.

Her job is to constantly follow up with the office of the Superintendent for the payment of duty, management of trust accounts and closing of files. She also ensures to meet all government requests relating to income tax, sales tax, issue of year-end statements, monitoring the Wage Earner Protection Program and registration with the Enterprise Register.

Her rigor, dynamism, impetuosity, generosity and honesty make Sylvie a person you can trust. Her playful spirit and joy of living is a breath of fresh air for the team.

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Judith Fauchon – Administrative Assistant

Judith has a Bachelor Degree in History and has secretarial training. She has been active in the field of insolvency for over a dozen years.

Responsible for general office administration and file management, she is your first point of contact with our office. From assistance in file preparation, confirmation of certain assets through communication with creditors, organizing of meetings, coordinating schedules to reply to various requests for information, she ensures the smooth running of activities with the greatest rigor possible.

Able to establish good relationships with customers owing to her empathic nature and listening skills, Judith has a great sense of organization and method, essential qualities when one has to meet legal deadlines.

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